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Material Management – in a Digital Enterprise

Material management as such can mean a multitude of things. Maybe factory material flows, simple stock management or just the capability to define what something should be made from. The term is ambiguous and could be any of these: This blog is about handling materials with PLM over the whole lifecycle from ideation to recycling. […]

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How do you whisper about your products?

by Olli Uuttu • 9 min read As a kid, we sometimes used to play the Chinese whispers game. You probably remember. The game where kids form a line. First player comes up with a message and whispers it to the ear of the second player in the line. The second player repeats the message […]

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End-to-end product traceability- an enabler for future growth

by Markus Ranta • 10 min read Many of us have witnessed shell game played in crowded tourist streets. Three or more identical cups are placed face down on a surface. A small ball is placed in one so it cannot be seen. Cups are shuffled and the player guesses the cup where the ball […]

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Scheduling production at times when material supply is a constraint

by Juha Lunkka • 5 min read During the last couple of years, it has been easy to notice that the availability of even commodity products has been much more limited than usual. Try to order a new car with decent delivery time for instance. Obviously there are many underlying reasons behind the phenomena – […]

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mechatronic design

Tackling the 3 primary drivers of product variability

by Teppo Salmia • 10 min read Over the past 30 years I’ve worked in heavy machinery and telecommunications industries, and more recently as a business consultant with customers across various discrete manufacturing industries. Thus I’ve had the chance to observe the rise of product variability, and different strategies for tackling it. In this post […]

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Disrupt Age-old Manufacturing Practices

If you’re running a machine shop you have probably spent countless hours figuring how you can stay competitive. Making a profit in part manufacturing is not easy, and it is becoming even harder. Traditional ways of producing parts have lots of in-built inefficiencies, which manufacturing companies irrespective of their size often fail to recognize. Even […]

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Why Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment Manufacturers Should Look Into Extending PLM to Manufacturing

Customer demand has grown during the past decades to become more specific than ever before. It’s all about product manufacturers catering to different needs and tastes of consumers. Just think about the shelves at your local supermarket – there are plenty more products to choose from than, say, 20 years ago.  The same can be […]

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Delivering Customized Products Fast and Efficiently

The challenge in responding to customer demands Digitalization of manufacturing industry is driving the design and production processes into a significant change. Global supply chains have been optimized for cost rather than time-to-market. Demand for customized products and the rise in the degree of automation in manufacturing forces a change in design processes as well. […]

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Model-Based Definition – First Step Towards Model-Based Enterprise

We recently published a blog on Model-Based Engineering and Model-Based Systems Engineering. This blog continues on the same theme, focusing on Model-Based Definition (MBD). To get started, the most important terms are explained in the figure below. In general, industrial companies are under constant pressure to reduce costs, improve quality, and release new products quicker. These […]

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Towards Digital Enterprise

If you work in product development, you may have come across model-based engineering or model-based systems engineering. But do you grasp the true idea behind these concepts? They are not actually brand-new concepts but have gained new momentum over the past few years. The driving force has been the need to design ever more complex […]

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