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IDEAL GRP has teamed up with 3DConnection for a special campaign, celebrating successful engineering for a limited time only!

Solid Edge 2023

Create. Connect. Collaborate.

Solid Edge 2023 adds a host of new functionality to streamline your product design. Experience seamless collaboration between teams and systems with new interoperability enhancements. A new look and feel suits the way you work, allowing you to do more with fewer clicks. Do more with mesh models with new simulation capabilities. Save time and money in manufacturing by eliminating errors during inspection. Experience it with new licensing options that give you the features you want when you need them.
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SpaceMouse® Enterprise

Built for prime engineering performance.

CAD experts demand the highest level of performance in their daily-use work devices. In professional environments where quality output means everything, SpaceMouse Enterprise is the cornerstone for any engineering team, architectural design firm, R&D divisions and more.
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