NX Advanced

Prerequisites: NX Basic.

Description: NX Advanced training extends students’ capabilities in NX. Training consists for example of a highly efficient parametric model where mathematical functions and IF conditionals are used. This parametric model is then refined to different variants using NX Part Family tool. Students will also get thorough practice in using Weld Assistant to create 3D welds and linking geometry associatively.

Duration: 2 days

Primary topics:

  • Creating a parametric model
  • Using Functions
  • Draft
  • Variable Radius Blend
  • Feature Group
  • IF Conditionals
  • Part Family using Spreadsheet
  • Creating a Weld Assembly
  • Linking geometry using WAVE
  • Using Weld Assistant
  • Interpart Expression
  • Movement Analysis
  • Arrangements
  • Moving a Mechanism
  • Assembly Sequence
  • Controlled Update of WAVE Links
  • Relations Browser
  • Reuse Library


Event Start 31 May 2022
Event Ending 01 Jun 2022
Cut off date 24 May 2022
Price 1,500€
Location Online
We are no longer accepting registration for this event