Simcenter 3D Engineering Desktop

Course Simcenter 3D Engineering Desktop
Duration 3 days
Delivery Classroom
Prerequisites NX Basic course or corresponding knowledge
Language Unless agreed otherwise, courses are held in Finnish and course material will be provided either in Finnish or English


Simcenter 3D Engineering Desktop course is intended for students whose main task is FEM calculations. During the training, we cover NX simulation tools and analyze training examples.

The objective of the course:

The course is designed to give designers the ability to use NX simulation.

Primary topics:

  • Introduction to Advanced Simulation
  • Advanced Simulation Processes
  • Simulation Navigator
  • Selecting entities
  • Teamcenter Integration
  • Basic meshing techniques
  • Boundary conditions
  • Solving
  • Post-processing
  • Geometry idealization
  • Geometry repair
  • Synchronous modeling
  • Mesh collectors
  • Materials and physical properties
  • Element size and mesh density
  • 1D connections
  • Mesh connections
  • Beam modeling
  • 3D swept meshing
  • Manual meshing
  • Mesh quality
  • Geometry abstraction
  • Boundary condition types
  • Boundary condition techniques
  • Using fields in boundary conditions
  • Model quality
  • Reports
  • Advanced Simulation Solutions
  • Linear static analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • Response Simulation
  • Thermal analysis
  • Buckling analysis
  • Surface-to-surface contact and gluing
  • Symmetry
  • Assembly FEM
  • DESOPT 200 Optimization
  • Optimization
  • Nonlinear static analysis
  • Import and export of model data
  • Templates

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