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Conseptas addresses the growing customer needs with electronic thermal design optimization solutions, coupled with broad expertise spanning decades

When it comes to thermal concept creation, technology development, computational fluid design (CFD) simulations, component thermal modeling and thermal measurement services, Conseptas has plenty to offer.

Conseptas’ thermal design team based in Oulu, Finland, has over 20 years experience and they have worked on over 150 product concepts. The Conseptas team offer simulation aided thermal design to ensure the thermal performance of the customer’s product by utilizing their knowledge on advanced material and cooling solutions, thermal goal setting and defining the power budget for characterizing the product against the user safety and comfort specifications.

The service application areas include, for instance, thermal design for electronics, such as smartphones, consumer and industrial use wearables, tablet computers, medical devices, network infrastructure equipment, imaging devices, LED-lighting, and battery thermal management.

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 “One typical detailed design area is thermal design for battery cells. The use of virtual prototyping and simulating the model gives us more holistic results than, for example, by simply conducting measurements. As an example, one side of the battery might for some reason respond to conditions differently than the other side of the battery, where battery temperature sensing can give wrong values. Wireless mobile phone charging has come to all product groups. There the thermal conditions are simply more challenging, and customers have felt we can provide them support in developing these technologies by insight into their products. We can “see” inside the product and materials by simulations, something that is simply not possible with measurements” comments Janne Arola, Team Leader, Simulation at Conseptas.

 “Other growing sectors for us are the wearable technologies and medical devices. These sectors are highly regulated for customer safety. Using simulation tools allows results that are simply not possible testing with physical prototypes, as with the simulation tools you simulate the entire product, rather than an aspect of it. Simulation allows traceability and visualization that makes it easier to see where the possible issues lie. When the end-product is worn by people, our simulation expertise creates conditions, in which the thermal conditions remain within acceptable parameters” continues Janne Arola.

 “Our customers are typically companies, who benefit from thermal design support – the customers have highly integrated devices, the device has metal covers, the product is intended to be used against the skin for long periods of time and, generally, where thermal comfort is of concern."

Simcenter Flotherm XT is a CAD centric electronics cooling simulation software, connecting MCAD and ECAD workflows to significantly shorten the thermal design process. IDEAL GRP has provided Conseptas with the solution and operated as a local point of contact.

“We have been using Siemens / Mentor Graphics simulations tools spanning over decades. However, what IDEAL GRP Engineering Simulations team has brought us is a local person to contact if we need anything. In our specialized field, this kind of customer care is important” comments Janne Arola.


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