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Increase flexibility with Value Based Licensing

Do you require a more complete CAD or simulation toolbox?

We at IDEAL GRP want to help you to take all benefits out of your software usage. We want to help you to take your engineering, design, and analysis to the next level!
  • Value-Based Licensing/tokens provide a flexible and cost-effective way to do that!
  • Value-Based Licensing is available for NX and Simcenter product portfolios.
Value-Based Licensing (tokens)
Tokens allow you to run almost any NX or Simcenter 3D add-on module without a separate purchase.
There are over 50 different NX add-on products and over 50 different Simcenter products available!

Some examples of available NX add-ons are:
Mechatronics Concept Designer, Routing, WAVE Control,
Animation Designer, Weld Assistant, Mold Wizard, Realize Shape, Human Modeling, and various CAD Translators.

Some examples of available Simcenter 3D add-ons are:
Design Space Exploration, Flexible  Pipe, Motion, SAMCEF, Nastran, Superelement, DMAP, DMP, Topology Optimization, Multistep Nonlinear, Dynamic Response, Aero-Vibro-Acoustics, RDMODES, BEM Acoustics, Durability, FE Model Correlation, FE Model Update, Laminate Composites, Electronic Systems Cooling, Flow, Thermal, and Space Systems Thermal

A brief video explains tokens in more detail:
More complete information regarding Value-Based Licensing can be found from:
Siemens Value-Based Licensing Announcement

Please contact us or your own IDEAL GRP sales representative for further details.

Niko Laukkanen, Business Area Manager, 3D Solutions (NX)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +358405290907

Hannu Mäkinen, Business Area Manager, Engineering Simulations (Simcenter)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +358 50 3041713

Give us a few minutes! We would love to tell you more about our solutions.

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