Pauli Myllymäki - Specialist, Manufacturing

Meet Pauli Myllymäki, Specialist, Manufacturing.


Who are you, what is your role and how did you end up at IDEAL GRP?
My name is Pauli Myllymäki, 32 years and I live in Turku, Finland. My family includes my spouse, 2 years old daughter with a sibling expected in July and a dog.

Within IDEAL GRP my role is Manufacturing Specialist. I already have previous experience from working with IDEAL GRP from customer's perspective in my previous work and therefore the company and some of the people were already familiar. I was contacted by my manager about an open position and after two meetings I was very interested to seize this opportunity.

What is your background?
I have a background in the automotive industry and in the pharmaceutical industry. I have worked in improving manufacturing processes, implementing digital manufacturing tools, doing material flow and process simulations, and improving digital processes in general. I have worked with Siemens products and with other software as well.

What is your normal day like?
It will be a mixture of things consisting of configurations, process consultations, material flow simulations, system implementations , supporting in pre-sales etc.

What kind of introduction did you get to your work?
I started with a visit to Tampere office and meeting up with my manager to kick things going. The first weeks consist mostly of online training and introductions to the company's processes and working methods while also starting to attend some customer meetings.

How would you describe the working atmosphere?
The atmosphere feels relaxed but professional at the same time. Everyone is very open to sharing their knowledge and I felt very welcome from day one. Now two weeks in and it starts to feel like I would have spent more than that.

What are you looking forward to in your role at IDEAL GRP?
I'm looking forward to meeting different kinds of customers and seeing different industries and new processes as it is a different way of working that I have used to and it enables professional growth differently.

I'm waiting for the challenges in a good way and hope that I can help companies to bring their processes to the digital age.