Kalle Ahola - Senior Specialist, Simulation

We are really happy to present Kalle Ahola Senior Specialist, Simulation. We have asked some quick questions so you can get to know Kalle.

Who are you, what is your role and how did you end up at IDEAL GRP?
I’m Kalle Ahola and I work as a technical specialist for Amesim system simulation software in presales. I live in Tottijärvi of Nokia and my office seat is in Tampere. Formerly working on a product development project that lasted many years, I thought that I could search new professional challenges. I checked myself open to work in LinkedIn and was contacted by Academic Work. After three interviews we found out that “we were speaking the same language” and the job change happened very smoothly in every way.

How is your normal day like?
Currently, I go through customer opportunities that are found by sales. In practice, I investigate customer products and try to find what benefits we could bring to the products with system simulation and how we could prove the benefits to the customer. I also help customers with their model building and software usage.

What kind of introduction did you get to your work?
Introduction to the house style of working and the tools that are used has been done actively and appropriately. Onboarding plan has helped to understand the overall picture and all the additional questions I have had about my role have been welcomed and have been answered quickly. Also, the trainings offered by Siemens have turned out to be good quality and there are recordings that you can watch afterward.

How would you describe the working atmosphere?
Even though a lot of work is done remotely, it has been nice to notice that people are active in keeping in touch with the new colleague, usually in work-related topics but sometimes also just to have a chat about hobbies for example. I have gotten a sense of open atmosphere from the large meetings for whole personnel where everyone’s opinion is heard and discussed together. I have found virtual “get to know” meetings very pleasant and a good way to get connected with people even in these remote times.