Laitila Tooling

Advanced software solution simplifies daily design work

Laitila Tooling is a company founded in January 2020, that offers comprehensive tooling consultation mostly for molds in the plastic industry and other equipment. Consultation includes product and tool design, tool procurement competitions and tool manufacturing completion. The service is based on 20 years of experience acquired by Tuomas Laitila as a mold factory designer, production manager and CEO.

CAD software has become very familiar over the years

Siemens design software has become well-known over time for Tuomas Laitila, founder of Laitila Tooling. Laitila started using CAD systems as early as 2001 when he worked as a full-time mold and tool designer. He has maintained CAD expertise to this day as Production Manager and CEO for the past 8 years by designing a dozen molds and tools each year. The use of the system became one of Laitila's strengths from the very beginning.

The cooperation has started with the installation and deployment of Siemens design software (NX)

In connection with starting his own company, acquiring design software became topical.  Laitila Tooling first decided to acquire a three-month trial of NX design software in December 2019. As the trial ended competition for different software followed. The choice was decided by the high-quality level of the Siemens system and the flexible terms of IDEAL GRP.

– I use the software on a daily basis and it's the most important of all tools. That is why it is crucial that the tool is very good. The best thing about the CAD software is its layout and graphics – the quality is at a different level compared to similar systems. The tools for model editing are very advanced in NX, Tuomas Laitila adds.

– NX  is a highly used software worldwide specifically among mold designers because of its advanced tools and capabilities. The Mold Design Wizard application for mold design offers a library of standard components used in molds. The components are available for example from Hasco, explains Jussi Paasisalo, Business Area Manager at IDEAL GRP.