Jucat Oy

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Jucat Oy, established in 2001, is a Finnish specialist partner for companies in the welding and manufacturing industries. Jucat provides their customers with comprehensive automation and robotization solutions, improving the efficiency of production to ensure competitiveness and to lay a solid foundation for further production development.

Jucat's extensive range of services

  • Concept designs and production lines
  • Robotic units and stations for various production stages
  • Workpiece positioners
  • Welding and assembly jigs
  • Robot programming and user training
  • Flexible maintenance and support services
  • Further production development solutions

Working together with IDEAL GRP since 2001

Learn more about how Jucat’s solution-centered and customer-centric approach to improving production!

Jukka Rintala, Managing Director, Jucat Oy, was interviewed about their experiences working together with IDEAL GRP and this is how he reflected on the collaboration.

Jucat is a company founded in 2001 in South-Ostrobothnia, Finland. We automatize and robotize our customers’ productions. We have about 20 employees. About half of the staff are focused on design. Nearly all robot cells and these kinds of designs are created for specific customer cases rather than utilising existing designs. The quality of the designers needs to be very high, and the professional expertise needs to be excellent. The design tools we use, also need to be world-class and they need to work seamlessly between different systems.

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We have been working together for 20 years and we have been very happy with the collaboration.  We have carried out different sorts of software customization projects and we have always got the support we need from IDEAL GRP to help with them. Those matters have always worked.

 Jussi Ylikojola, Design Manager, Jucat Oy was also asked about his experiences with the design tools and working together with IDEAL GRP, and this is how he viewed the co-operation.

- We very rarely produce two machines that are the same. They are highly tailored to fit specific customer requirements. Currently, we have Solid Edge as our CAD solution, we also have NX, and then we have Teamcenter as our Product Data Management (PDM) solution. The greatest advantage of Teamcenter is that all our departments – including design, production, sales, project management – all have access to the same data, and even more importantly, all have access to it from anywhere. I really want to give credit to the excellent helpdesk team. No issue has been left unresolved, or a useful workaround has been identified. It has worked extremely well. Our objective has been to create a CAD environment / product data management environment, which meets our needs. This environment is certainly not simple. We get a high volume of new kinds of parts all the time and the solution needs to keep up with that. This solution has managed that perfectly.

Learn more about Jucat oy: www.jucat.fi