Polar Electro

Fitness watches push the boundaries of mechanical and electronic product development.

One of the world’s leading brands is Polar Electro, which pushes the limits of wearable fitness technology by bringing together mechanical and electronic product development utilizing Siemens’ solutions Teamcenter, NX, and Mentor, working together with IDEAL PLM, as well as Mentor solutions.

They started as plastic bands that were worn around your wrist, not much more attractive than a hair tie, or big clunky watches. Now they’re sleek and modern, loaded with more features than ever … and connected to any smart device!

Technology packs complex performance data in a tiny package. High-end fitness watches are designed to be comfortable and attractive enough to wear 24/7 from business to casual to workouts to sleep.

This case has been conducted by Siemens Digital Industries Software.

Read more about the case on Siemens website:
Polar Electro Brings Together Mechanical and Electronic Product Development



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