Miror – Creating emotional engagement

Design & Engineering works within digital concept prototyping, involving industrial design, high quality surfacing to engaging imagery and animations. At the very core of the workflow, we find NX.

There’s nothing traditional about Miror’s workflow, as CGI* and photorealism is something you wouldn’t normally hear about in the context of NX. However, the benefits are definitely present when you’re participating in an industrial & product design workflow.

- The tools used in entertainment and industrial design in terms of presentations are getting closer every day. The benefit of having NX in that workflow is that we can almost directly utilize the CAD from the client to create stunning images or animations. Anyone within the CGI business can tell you that the very foundation of any computer-generated image is high-quality geometry.

NX gives unparalleled opportunities and stability

- There are many advantages to NX the way we see it. But to mention a few, one is the sheer quality of the surfaces we output, as the toolset is amongst the more robust we’ve come across. Secondly, the amount of tools we are given gives us a much-needed sense of freedom in freeform modeling compared to other more rigid solutions. In addition, I don’t believe I’ve ever worked with an application that is as stable as NX has proven to be over the last years, says Magnus Skogsfjord CAD & Visualization Specialist at Miror.

*CGI = Computer Generated Imagery, a term used for digitally generated images or animations