Commercial Product Management

The increasing number of products and services creates a product portfolio management challenge

An increasing number of products, product variants, and services have made it difficult to understand and manage the company offers. Commercial and technical product information is often disconnected and scattered in different systems. Therefore finding, managing, and using the information is difficult. Combined with the lack of overview of the product portfolio, strategic management of products and reaching the profit targets can be challenging.

Our Commercial Product Management solution extends Teamcenter® software capabilities from the traditional engineering domain towards Product Information Management (PIM) by providing unique insight for the entire organization into how the technical products evolve into commercial products.

This solution allows organizations to model their entire product portfolio in Teamcenter® PLM while considering markets they operate in, customer segments, product applications, and sales channels. It allows controlling and easily defining supplementary products, product recommendations, and product variants. Combine these with the capabilities for organizing product-specific technical data such as the traditional CAD, BOM, and manufacturing definition together with sales & marketing materials and you are in control of your product portfolio. 

Align your product portfolio strategy with business strategy and base your decisions on facts

Eliminate siloed and incomplete product data with a single point of storage for all product information. Use the up-to-date data provided by IDEAL CPM to form a clear understanding of your products and product portfolio, to identify strategic products, and to ensure strategic alignment of all portfolio decisions.

Ensure the future success of your business

Understanding how products in different lifecycle stages perform and focusing on strategic products ensures continued business success. Improved quality of decisions combined with increased efficiency enables faster time to market therefore enhancing earnings and market share.

Eliminate the need for separate PIM solution

Whether you want to just present your customers with a comprehensive set of product information on the web or establish a web-based sales channel e.g. for spare parts you have traditionally needed a product information management (PIM) solution. IDEAL CPM extends Teamcenter® into a product information management solution, which can be integrated with an e-commerce platform, therefore eliminating the need for a separate product information management system.

Empowered employees

With Teamcenter and IDEAL CPM data is entered once and then reused downstream. Everyone in your organization (with appropriate authorization) can find all commercial and technical data in one logically organized easy to navigate the system. This increases cooperation when the latest up to date product information is shared by everyone involved. Your customers will see this as improved responsiveness, improved quality of service, and improved products.

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