Change Management

Use the power of PLM to manage the evolution of your products, issues, and improvements, to understand the impact of changes, and to implement changes quickly and comprehensively.

Managing product change has at the same time become increasingly important and much harder, because of the complexity of mechatronic products, and the complexity of global supply chains involved in producing them. Connected products developed at the forefront of digitalization take the complexity to yet another level because the impact of a change needs to be evaluated and managed across a system of systems.

Effective product change management

The more innovative the product being developed, the more likely it is that there will be changes to the requirements, plans, and design along the way. Effective product change management is critical to continuous and systematic product improvement. Inconsistent and manual processes, globally distributed resources, and ever-increasing regulations make it difficult to respond to pressures for a constant stream of innovative new products. To keep up with the pace of today’s market demands, you must be able to manage change effectively.

“Having a single engineering change management process that is managed by Teamcenter throughout Mercury Marine produces significant yearly savings. Since implementing Teamcenter, the average time for an engineering change at Mercury  has dropped from 56 days to 22.” - Lenny Grosh, Project Manager, PLM Implementation, Mercury Marine

The window of time and opportunity to recover development investments and bring in revenue is shrinking. This places renewed pressure to get to market as quickly as possible to maximize profitability and then be ready to follow with the next new product. Successful digital transformation requires 21st-century processes, data integrity, data availability, analytics, motivated and highly competent workforce, and visionary leadership. Use the power of PLM to optimize your product change management processes and realize innovation through having a clear understanding of the data, people, and processes impacted by a change, enabling you to effectively plan and execute changes.

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