Quality Execution

Incoming Goods Control

The first line of in-house quality control is incoming goods control. This of course makes it very important as it will stop defective parts from entering the value-adding chain and save a lot of scraps and rework incurred later in the manufacturing process. It also acts as a control of the suppliers as data collected at the incoming goods control is valuable in supplier assessment and follow-up.

In-line inspections

As a part passes through the manufacturing process further inspections to ensure quality are often needed. Statistical process control can be used to ensure that the variation stays within limits, otherwise immediately alerting so that processes can be aligned and prevent defective parts from being produced. In-line inspections are important to maintain an efficient manufacturing process and improvements of the same.

Outgoing Goods Control

The outgoing goods control is the final inspections before shipping to the customer and the last chance to discover any defects. Although it may be too late to salvage any defects through a rework at this stage it will surely avoid, often costly claims processes and a potentially negative effect on customer satisfaction.

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