Innovate product design and manufacturing with Immersive Tech

Operational excellence for manufacturing/Product design. Operate, Design and maintain in more efficient ways.

Product complexity, global competition and a shortage of technical staff are putting pressure on companies to look at things differently. Combining PLM with AR/VR opens up a whole new approach to how businesses can be competitive.

Atos and IDEAL GRP together are organizing a webinar to showcase how Immersive tech (AR/VR) expands the impact of PLM data for Operation excellence. You are invited!

During this webinar session, we will go through how you can design and visualize true to scale, make the next step in paperless working, and attract new talent. We will cover, how these technologies impact the operational excellence for manufacturing & product design and how to operate, design and maintain in more efficient ways.

Duration: 45 mins
Language: English

Jos Westerkamp,
Presales Lead Immersive Experience Portfolio, Atos
Designed and implemented multiple AR applications across the value chain for Enterprise organizations

Vrushali Malankar,
Global Head Immersive Experience Portfolio
Over two decades of work in Customer Experience Design, focusing manufacturing industry, IOT, Analytics and PLM data visualisation and Digital Twin.



Selection of Customer CASES

  • Miror – Creating emotional engagement
  • SeAMK
  • Jucat
  • University of Oulu
  • Bronto Skylift
  • PBH Teknik - CNC machining for the high technology industry
  • TAMK
  • Bronto Skylift
  • Bronto Skylift
  • TAMK
  • Turku AMK
  • TOMRA - Rethink, Remain & Resource
  • Seco Tools
  • Suhmuran Metalli
  • Harju Elekter Groups
  • Toijala Works
  • Alpha Aqua
  • Laitila Tooling
  • Konecranes
  • Hesplan Oy
  • SeAMK
  • Streamlined work for Tooltec Trestad
  • Polar Electro
  • Logset Oy
  • Jucat Oy
  • Mekverken Tool saves time and money