Electrification and energy optimization with system simulation

Simulate electrical and electromechanical systems from concept design to control validation. System simulation helps optimize the dynamic performance of mechatronic systems, analyze power consumption, and design and validate control laws for electrical devices for the automotive, off-highway, aerospace, industrial machinery, marine, and heavy equipment industries.

Benefit from off-the-shelves models for batteries, fuel cells, power converters, linear actuators, and electric motors to build any kind of electrical device architecture. Using the multi-physics, multi-level, scalable, and flexible approach, you can address many engineering issues like the design of the thermal management system, the assessment of the system performance, or efficiency with realistic mechanical or hydraulic loads, as well as the design and validation of your control.

Duration: 45 min
Presenter: Kalle Ahola, Senior Specialist, Simulation


Selection of Customer CASES

  • Harju Elekter Groups
  • TAMK
  • University of Oulu
  • Bronto Skylift
  • Polar Electro
  • TAMK
  • Jucat
  • Konecranes
  • Mekverken Tool saves time and money
  • Bronto Skylift
  • Seco Tools
  • Bronto Skylift
  • SeAMK
  • Turku AMK
  • Suhmuran Metalli
  • Miror – Creating emotional engagement
  • Laitila Tooling
  • SeAMK
  • TOMRA - Rethink, Remain & Resource
  • Logset Oy
  • Jucat Oy
  • Alpha Aqua
  • Hesplan Oy
  • Toijala Works
  • PBH Teknik - CNC machining for the high technology industry
  • Streamlined work for Tooltec Trestad