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Alpha Aqua projects are characterized by high standards related to our high standard within biosecurity, low operating cost, and high-quality materials.

Alpha Aqua A/S build and operate based on a local and environmentally conscious approach while implementing the use of top technology

Alpha Aqua A/S was founded back in 2017 with the objective of delivering state-of-the-art recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) turnkey solutions at a global scale. Alpha Aqua develops the next generation of RASs by applying the knowledge of highly skilled technicians, vets, biologists, and engineers. This ensures the highest possible quality of products and optimal production facilities for the client.

Alpha Aqua projects are characterized by high standards related to our high standard within biosecurity, low operating cost, and high-quality materials. This ensures the best possible return of investment for the client and the highest quality for the end-consumer.

The Solution Solid Edge combined with the Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) module assists Alpha Aqua in ensuring the best possible flow conditions within the fish tanks. To ensure proper growth of fish within the Alpha Aqua solutions, Solid Edge is used to estimate flow conditions, stagnating water zones, and possible areas in which suspended solids end up.

Furthermore, the introduction of CFD within the Alpha Aqua workflow helped decrease the time spent within the design phase. At the same time, applying clever optimization techniques, it is possible to develop optimal solutions before the systems are filled with water, thus reducing the time required for physical testing.

As a part of the Alpha Aqua RAS solutions, CFD simulations are conducted for suiting the final design for the needs of the client. As a consequence of Alpha Aqua having their CFD service in-house, it is possible to conduct the relevant studies as soon as the requirement is there.

IDEAL GRP helped with the introduction of Solid Edge and ensured the key personnel of Alpha Aqua had received an introduction to the product and the relevant features within the frame of work. A workshop was established in order to secure a good overview of the program's capabilities as well as the different features being relevant to Alpha Aqua. IDEAL GRP also supported Alpha Aqua with training.

"We initiated the dialog with a presentation meeting in November 2020, where we had a good introduction to Alpha Aqua as a company and the solutions that they deliver. Right from the beginning, Alpha Aqua involved key stakeholders and was open and specific about their current the situation, their challenges, and their mission to meet the plans for further company development.

After having a high-level conversation about potential optimization areas, we focused on the area of liquid flow in the fish farm´s, where Alpha Aqua would like to utilize Computational Fluid Dynamics to simulate the water flow and identify potential “dead” zones where sludge could build up with the risk of affecting the water quality. Alpha Aqua would also like to use the simulation for optimizing the placement of the pumps used in the Fish Farm, for an optimized effect and energy consumption of the facility.

By then we involved one of our CFD specialists, Jussi Kangas from our Finnish Department, to be Alpha Aqua´s main sparring partner and consultant.

The result of the corporation was a study and a documenting report, giving Alpha Aqua the needed results to optimize their fish farms for better energy consumption and better flow ensuring minimal dead zones with optimal water quality.

Some of the simulation tools used for the study were:

  • Simulation of particle flow, including the movement of Fish feed and feces
  • Simulation of pressure loss in the water pipes
  • Simulation of pump curves     

The report and corporation proved so valuable to Alpha Aqua, that they afterward decided to invest in further CFD workshops and CFD software also delivered by IDEALGRP.

The power of the Siemens software is not only the CFD functionality but also the capabilities of working with design data created in other CAD systems."


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Utilizing Solid Edge combined with FloEFD allows us to produce state of the art recirculating aquaculture systems. With this as a part of our design process, we are now capable of designing and developing our solutions for the needs and requirements of the client. This allows us to develop fish production facilities with a low energy consumption while still retaining the efficiency!
Solid Edge allows us to produce high quality products ensuring the best conditions for the fish and the producers.

Johan Højgaard, CEO

Taking it from a biological and operational point of view, CFD simulations will allow us, and therefore our clients and partners, to improve the understanding and the fish performance. It will have a direct impact in the final product and the premium quality achievable in a RAS and, at the same time, it will allow the fish farmers to provide the best environment for the fish. It is not only about water exchange rates but also about water velocities, particles distribution and optimal swimming zones. It is time for us to take the technology available and use it to improve the fish welfare in our Land-Based solutions.

Ramón Pérez, COO

Alpha Aqua used FLOEFD to evaluate the impact of potential design modifications on tank inlet pipes on flow domains in culture tanks to ensure optimal growth and fish welfare. FLOEFD was also used to optimize the flow through our raceway in- and outlets. CFD will be an integral part of our design toolbox in the future to reduce development costs, quick design change assessments, and to ensure that our customers receive the newest technology and services to improve efficiency, maximize production and achieve greater returns.

Dennis Qadri, HoD

Solid Edge combined with FloEFD brings a unique and simple of conducting CFD analysis. As a result of having the CFD module built directly into a CAD solution increase the rate of which the optimization takes place. Furthermore, the intuitive user interface, clever meshing optimization and how easy it is to implement user defined functions, makes this solution ideal for a company like Alpha Aqua.

Mathias Jørgensen, Engineer

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